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My happy place... sharing is caring.

I will go down with this ship: a Rob/Kristen supporting site. NO pappz.

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I'm an italian woman, married and worker.
I'm kind of a dreamer but - at the end of the day - I'm a very realistic person. I like my life, my friends and my SO.
I love writing and reading, I read a lot. I'd love to work in a library, or... to own a bookstore maybe it's even better.
I love animals and, particularly, I love dogs. I've 3 of them at my parent's. And I recently kinda have developed a thing for elephants... :)... Probably due to the fact that "Water for elephants" is the movie I'm eagerly waiting for since last summer and I've watched a lot of stuff about that.
I like to travel, but I don't do that much. I've never been in US and I'd like very much to visit NYC and California.
I'm friendly and nice to people... most of the time... but I can be very argumentative and stubborn.

I'm a little obsessed with Twilight, Harry Potter, Titanic, Friends and Lost and some books (Ken Follett's Pillars of the earth it's one of them) and I could stay put mesmerized for hours listening to people playing piano or guitar (I play guitar a little and my hubby plays piano).
English is not my native language (but I love it and I try to improve it), so probably I'll make a lot of mistakes. Sorry for that.

Here I indulge with my passions and obsessions, but basically this is a Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart supporting site.

In this happy place I met a lot of nice people: none of them is a little and crazy fangirl, as some could think, but most of them are grown up girls or ladies in their thirties or more. I have much fun with them.
I never "fangirled" for anybody in my life, except for this couple: these two real, down to earth, young, charming, beautiful, funny, talented, not hollywood-ish and smart people that "made me do" things I never expected from myself.

Sure As Hell Didn't See That One Coming (quoting Jake in Breaking Down):
1) I learnt to make videos and to upload them on youtube. I made about 30 vids in two months and a lot of people watch and enjoy them. I love to make video about this sweet couple, this is my youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/fradigre
2) I'm very argumentative about Twilight books and movies and Rob and Kristen
3) I even sign petitions about them
4) I write regularly about them in forum and blogs, apart from my own journal
5) I tweeted to David Slade ranting about Eclipse
6) I read gossip (just about these two) and I learnt to not to believe in what I read
7) I'm very aware of stalking and harassing paparazzi's behaviour towards famous people and I hate all of them
8) I submit my vote in polls about them
9) I have my mom who sends me regularly italian gossip about them, calling them "your vampires"

What this Lj is about
Here I rant... often, mainly about Twilight (books and movies). I love the books and I'm not happy about the way they are promoting the movies... so Jacob focused... I don't get it, at all. I explained why in my posts with "it's ranting time" tag!
Here I defend Rob and Kristen... often, 'cause people sometimes are rude towards them or totally dumb. Nont that they need me to defend them anyway.
I respect them, I respect their privacy. So I don't post paparazzi intrusive pics. I don't dissect their pictures or make dramas about their sentences. I don't believe in paper interviews and I trust only what I see. And I see two young people in love, by the way.
I can't stand people asking always the same question (the big unaswered question: "Are you dating?")... they don't talk about their private life, 'cause they don't want to sell it, they've been saying this since last year. I really can't get why some people keep on trying to prove that Rob and Kristen are not together and bash always that girl (who is amazing btw and whose only real "fault" is to be extremely loved by the most charming young man of the planet). So, please, if you are a so called nonsten, please, stay away from here. Thanks.

Here I make fun of "crazy tweets": stupid things that people say about them, trying to prove they are/aren't together or stupid fake sightings... specially during Christmas time.

So... this is not a Twilight fan site, not a classic one anyway. It's a Rob and Kristen supporting site, in which I occasionally write about something else. Have fun!
See http://www.theordsociety.com


September 2012 - Update
A huge storm hit Robstenlandia recently.
Whatever happened happened and it's SO NOT our job to judge, apart from the fact that we don't know what's really going on. Media like to spin sordid stories and make up a lot of lies.
I don't believe the lies. I do believe something happened, but I also believe that they are fine, or, at least, they will be.
I will go down with this ship... and, together or apart, I'll always support them both.